Use It: Important Tricks On Huawei Backup App For Tablets That Will Blow Your Mind (With Screenshots).

The password will be required if you want to restore your data backup. If you forget this password, it will not be possible to retrieve your data backup. If you have enabled Cloud Gallery for your device, photos and videos in the Gallery will be backed up in the cloud space via Cloud Gallery. Enable OBS Browser certificate verification after the backup files are downloaded. The OBS bucket names displayed on the Download Backup File page on the DDS console do not support certificate verification. Therefore, you need to disable OBS Browser certificate verification before adding external buckets and enable it after the backup files are downloaded.

You should make a full backup before performing any risky task so that you could restore the data back if bad thing happened. Alternatively, you can also go to the Huawei Cloud settings and download the backup data on your phone’s storage. This will automatically backup your phone’s data to the Huawei cloud.

Method 3: Transfer Photos From Huawei To Mac With Huawei Share

Now, uninstall WhatsApp from the old Xiaomi phone and install the app in Huawei. Make sure that the number you want to use is also active, as it will be used for verification. Hopefully, this guide has provided you a suitable way to transfer photos from Huawei to PC. Considering everything discussed here, it is clear that AnyDroid is the smart solution to get your job done. The software not only helps to transfer your content from Huawei to PC with just one simple click but does the job comparatively quite fast as compared to other methods. That’s how Huawei share to PC works and you’re ready to transfer photos from your phone to PC.

After that, it will appear a data backup page, you can choose the types of data that you have backed up before, like pictures, music, and so on. In this interface, you can see “Restore” on the right under “Essentials”, please click it. Then it will pop up a window, you can select the files which you want to restore.

Download Huawei Y6 2019 Firmware Flash File

You can save your backups on your memory cards, USB drives, and even on the cloud. The app encrypts your backups to ensure nobody else can open them. Click the “Restore” option on the homepage of HiSuite and elect the data that you want to restore on the restoration page.

  • You can backup your broken Android to computer easily, what’s more, you can switch files from your broken Android phone to your new phone with 1 click.
  • Afterward, navigate to the files you would like to transfer on the Huawei phone, and press the “Share” icon to choose the “Bluetooth” option.
  • If there’s no error at all, proceed to the rest of the troubleshooting steps below.
  • It avoids the hassles of Internet transfer and instead relies on the efficiency and ease of a USB transfer.
  • Keep a stable connection during the transfer process.
  • Sometimes we lose our phone or our phone gets stolen.

Plug in your USB drive to computer and move those photos Huawei Backup to it. On the content interface, the file types which are to be backed up show up in the middle of the window. Select the file types and then click the button Next. The backup process will start now which will take few minutes. To transfer images from Huawei P30 to an USB driver, firstly, we export photos and pictures from Huawei P30 to PC.