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I absolutely agree that only rock and roll artist should be let in. I thought was very strange several years back when James Taylor was inducted. I mean no disrespect to JT, but he is not rock and roll. “rap artists should have a rap hof,not take up space in the rrhof. rap is not close to rock,period.”

  • During his life, he made three complete albums, none of which shifted very many units.
  • It’s hard to rival fame like that, when visitors to our world can potentially riff along with Chuck when they arrive.
  • If country music is the featured genre, every country music station will be commercial-free for the day!
  • We are a bunch of clowns, so we took an early build of the app and forced it to sing terrible things.
  • Rap defienitly should make the hall of fame but maybe let the rock ‘n’ rollers in first.

I will always strive to achieve more up to date music promotional tips and tricks for the hip hop artists that read my website. Most of the rap beats I create are made on Logic Pro X. come from all over the world and lead different lives. As a result, not all rappers have the same message in their songs. In addition, hip-hop trends create different styles of rap.

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While it is a bit tricky on a smaller phone, you can use your phone’s existing song library to mix tracks in minutes. The control over looping while using a touch screen allows users to really isolate specific elements, making it possible to really step up how you play with tracks together. However, it could become daunting to use this on an iPhone for any extended period of time.

Given that Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five are aleady inducted I think it’s pefectly logical to induct rap artists. In saying that, I don’t mean 50 Cent or even Jay-Z. i think it should be but i also think that we should consider letting someone like grand master flash and the furious five in over bands like rush,kiss,def leopard,and iron madien.

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The difference between the two getting inducted is that metal is music. Also, just because some artists you mentioned have apparently been influenced by James Brown, I fail to see how this is enough to grant them eligibility status into the hall of fame? Just because they drew influence from someone who is in the rock and roll hall of fame does not directly grand them entry. Grandmaster Flash has contributed greatly to his genre of music, not rock and roll. However, rock and roll is not an all important factor when being inducted into the genres hall of fame.