Charges Against Two Men Found In Sexual Nuisance Charges

What is the Sugar Daddy Internet dating Nigeria? There is a very simple description for this, it is just a common practice in Nigeria for men to go looking for women like us from overseas countries including the USA, British, and Australia, to be more precise. The majority of these men operate the services sector or in the industry of financial. In this regard, it really is obvious that men seeking a Sugar Daddy have to have a diploma in finance or accounting because a large number of women are from comparatively affluent backgrounds. This is another reason why the African American world is much above the light one in Nigeria, which is also a standard fact for most African countries.

Regarding the Nigerian scenario, it was revealed to our rights watchdogs and press from your National Criminal Commission (NCC) that in Lagos, there are nearly 5000 cases involving the recruitment of men to get sexual requirements. These were cases where the men were deceived in to having connections with girls that were much older than they were, or where women of all ages from abroad brought the boys they had in captivity his or her sugar daddy. The ladies were betrothed off to foreigners, while the men were being deceived into having the wrong type of relations with them.

To date, there is no charges recorded against some suspects in this instance. It would seem that the NCC is unsucssesful to do their job sufficiently because it has failed to investigate this situatio considering that it had been one of its bureaus in Lagos that is responsible for monitoring every one of the activities from the Nigerian gay community. Actually, the LGBT people in Nigeria are still being discriminated against inspite of simple fact that the practice was made illegal by the government of the nation several years spine. If the accusations against users of the homosexual community in Lagos happen to be true, they should be charged with breaking the legal rights guaranteed by International Spiritual Protection React or the Anti-Racist Act of Nigeria. This is necessary as the rights of gay persons in Nigeria are not yet secured in spite of the passing of the required laws to guard them.